Author: Eline

Fighting Spirits

While Stefania is planning a team trip to Lourdes for Albatros Ladies 2 because of all the ill feeling team members I’m gonna explain what went down a week ago. It may have caused this!

Smash verder!

D5 the story of champions – Spam! Spam! Spam!

D5 for the win. #albavolley #champions

Een bericht gedeeld door Albatros Amsterdam Volleybal (@albavolley) op

From the 6th class all the way to the 3th class, the story of ‘Spam’ aka D5 by Eline: No, it’s not your email box going insane! It’s the Ladies 5 team from Albatros playing a game… And our app groups do go insane with all kinds of messages. Less or more relevant to volleybal and pretty much everything related or unrelated. Until someone comes in saying: stop this spamming! I can’t take it anymore… Like our ‘capitana’ Elena, bringing order in the chaos: Enough, enough! Stop the spam! Smash verder!