While Stefania is planning a team trip to Lourdes for Albatros Ladies 2 because of all the ill feeling team members I’m gonna explain what went down a week ago. It may have caused this!

We arrived without Marina and Sandra, who were enjoying their holidays, at the Verheij gym to play our match against UvO Ladies 2. Last time we lost quite bad 1-3, so we were motivated bigtime to make up for it. That motivation was tested all the way, I can tell you.

In the first set we played well and won quite easily. Yet, we were expecting UvO to come back stronger, so talked about preparing for the worst. Well, that was a good thing, because an absolute thriller was about to happen. While being ahead 5 points or so UvO catched up with us and we had to start fighting for the set with a difference of two points of course.
In this our fighting spirit became apparent. It is quite different from the start of the season as Valerie pointed out a few times saying: if we were behind in a set, no way we would be able to make up for it!
But now we did. UvO had an amount of at least 6 setpoints but we persisted, even after four service faults on our side. And WON the set with the amazing score of 37-35!!!

Third set wasn’t easy to play at all. We were all exhausted from playing another half of a set and the pressure we put on ourselves. Still, we won this set also in spirit for our own team. We showed we are closer as a team and are able to fight back in tough spots. Therefore we won with 4-0 and go tour well deserved revanche / revenge.

Extra shout out to Jennifer who scored many points in a row with her serve in the 3rd set!

So that’s definitely something to keep up fort he next games. Which won’t be easy either with an opponent which came back from 2nd Class and barely losing a set until now. The games against Smashing need your support for that matter!

~ Cheer us on! Andiamo!! ~Eline, Albatros Ladies 2