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Heren 4: Best match of the season?

It was “UvO evening” in the Verheijhal, as nearly every field was occupied with a UvO team, some even won the championship and there were happy faces all around. Albatros Heren 4 was also present that evening. The next game on the schedule was against H2 of UvO. Smash verder!

Concentration inevitably was key to victory

Nieuwe manier van uitdekken. 🕺 #albavolley

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With the 3-1 victory from last game under their belt, Heren 4 was feeling really confident and happy. Our next match against the men of US shouldn’t be a problem, or so we thought. Secret weapon Tim had returned from holiday and was eager to play despite his knee injury. Even with Tim back, the team had a smaller roster than usual. On top of the small roster, some players decided to be late and thus the warming up was short, sloppy and divided, and a peculiar start to the set it was… Smash verder!

Video: Heren 4 battles nemesis De Spuyt Heren 3

The long awaited game had finally arrived. Since both teams are battling for the top position of the table, this match proved to be entertaining. After a lousy start of the first set, the men of Albatros were not able to regain a lead, which led to a score of (20-25) in favour of De Spuyt. Smash verder!

Heren 4 stays on track

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Wednesday Albatros H4 booked another 4-0 victory on the youngsters of KVA H5, but it wasn’t easy, I understand. As Sven wrote in the team app: 💪🏼 hard fight in between to get ourselves together and make it our game again, but finally we got important points home! Now we’re heading for a crucial game against leader De Spuyt, next week Wednesday. Let’s beat them!

Heren 4 celebrates victory at Ulas’s place

<3 Pizza. #heren 4 #duivendrecht #albavolley

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Albatros H4 played on Saturday an 18 hrs game against CTO In Duivendrecht. As Ulas lives just around the corner of the Dorpshuis, we went afterwards to his place for drinks and pizza, together with our supporters Barbara and Raluca. We could celebrate another victory, but with mixed feelings because we unnecessary lost one set. After winning two sets easily, the coach went for a cup of coffee. When he returned the team was clearly behind and didn’t manage to improve their game in time – hence a 25-23 loss. Still, the last set was a good win again, so we only lost one point in our race against De Spuyt for the top position in our poule.

Heren 4 still on maximum points

On Friday evening Albatros H4 played its fourth game against well-known opponent Syzygy. Just like last week, the first set proved to be difficult for lack of focus of the Albatros guys. Yet, after a 25-21 win still, the other sets were won with huge differences. After three sets Sven allowed to take off for Germany and Rik took over to finish the job. The photo was taken just before Sven left.

Heren 4 continues its 4-0 winning streak

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For the third time in a row Albatros Heren 4 managed to win it’s competition game with 4-0. This time against the youngsters of KVA Heren 5. Only the first set was close, because the Albatros guys started sleep walking in stead of playing volleyball. Yet, after a 25-22 win in the end, the other three sets were a lot easier. Also because Rik played very well as relieve setter – to protect Sam’s somewhat injured knee – as the film shows.

8 wedstrijden in 8 zinnen

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Dames 1 verloor de laatste set maar nipt van VIP. Dames 2 was wel erg snel klaar. Dames 4 spoot Spuyt van het veld: 3-1. Dames 5 maakte het heel spannend: 3 sets met maar 2 punten verschil, gewonnen met 3-1! Dames 6 liet Spuyt ontsnappen in de vierde set: 1-3 verlies. De mannen van het derde speelden niet zo goed, ze wonnen wel met 3-1 van de Cavia’s. Heren 5 had het moeilijk tegen de Spuyt, ook met 1-3 eraf. De meisjes van MC1 speelden wisselend in Ouderkerk: 2-2 .

Another 4-0 for Heren 4

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Wednesday night Albatros Heren 4 gained again 5 points by winning against UvO H2. Yet, this time it was a lot more difficult than last week. After a walk-over in the first set, especially the third (25-23) and fourth (29-27) sets were heavily contested. Yet, with Edgar as second setter, the team managed to win all of them.

Jeugd scheidsrechterscursus

Scheidsrechterscursus voor jeugd, coaches, begeleiders en ouders
Waarom zou je deze cursus volgen?
 Om je spelregelkennis te verbeteren
 Om te weten wat die scheidsrechter nu eigenlijk doet
 En misschien wel omdat het je leuk lijkt om zelf te gaan fluiten Smash verder!

Heren 4 takes top position after 4-0 victory

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Albatros Heren 4 played their first game of this season on Wednesday evening against CTO. After solid wins in the first two games, the third game became a bit sloppy, but the team regained its focus just in time to win that one too. In the last game we got assistance from Gadaa, who never played with H4 before but did very well. And quite fittingly, the last point was scored by Tim, whom we will have to miss for six weeks because he will be travelling down under.

Hoogtepunten uit de geschiedenis van onze club: Deel 1

In het kader van het 10-jarige jubileum van ons Clubblog beginnen Daniël, Rik en Kier een serie verhalen met hoogtepunten uit de geschiedenis van Albatros. Dat wordt een moeilijke keuze, want die geschiedenis bestaat natuurlijk uit louter hoogtepunten. Smash verder!

2018 gestart met mixtoernooi en pubquiz

Pubquiz na het mixtoernooi. #albavolley

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Acht gemixte teams hebben er meegedaan aan het mixtoernooi. Wie minder uit de verf kwam bij het volleyballen, had daarna nog een kans bij de pubquiz. Eveline en Sandra, bedankt voor de organisatie. We zijn 2018 weer sportief en gezellig met elkaar begonnen!

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