Nieuwe manier van uitdekken. ? #albavolley

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With the 3-1 victory from last game under their belt, Heren 4 was feeling really confident and happy. Our next match against the men of US shouldn’t be a problem, or so we thought. Secret weapon Tim had returned from holiday and was eager to play despite his knee injury. Even with Tim back, the team had a smaller roster than usual. On top of the small roster, some players decided to be late and thus the warming up was short, sloppy and divided, and a peculiar start to the set it was…

The first set was well fought by US H8, and sloppy and unfocused by the men of Albatros, which inevitably ended in a (26-24) loss for H4. Not all was lost, as they regained their focus in the next set and made sure to show the men of US why they were at the top of the table. This subsequently gave them a run for their money as the Albatrosses won the next two sets with (16-25) and (13-25).

Due to the small roster almost all of the players had played 3 sets and were now getting tired, however there was no time for being tired. The men had to drag in the big points in order to secure their top position, and so with a joint effort, the team was able to be victorious at last with a (21-25) win.