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Promotion at last!

As H4 was unwilling to end the season during the game against De Spuyt, the albatross were two short games away from that sweet, sweet place in the 3rd class. The men played against the men of KVA H3 and H4, but with two of our best players injured and our super setter Tim absent, the moral was a bit down. Smash verder!

Battle for the title

The Wethouder Verheijhal was being overwhelmed by the massive audience that came to watch the championship match. The game that was being played was the most important one of season, De Spuyt H3 v Albatros H4. Smash verder!

Heren 4: Best match of the season?

It was “UvO evening” in the Verheijhal, as nearly every field was occupied with a UvO team, some even won the championship and there were happy faces all around. Albatros Heren 4 was also present that evening. The next game on the schedule was against H2 of UvO. Smash verder!

Concentration inevitably was key to victory

Nieuwe manier van uitdekken. 🕺 #albavolley

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With the 3-1 victory from last game under their belt, Heren 4 was feeling really confident and happy. Our next match against the men of US shouldn’t be a problem, or so we thought. Secret weapon Tim had returned from holiday and was eager to play despite his knee injury. Even with Tim back, the team had a smaller roster than usual. On top of the small roster, some players decided to be late and thus the warming up was short, sloppy and divided, and a peculiar start to the set it was… Smash verder!

Video: Heren 4 battles nemesis De Spuyt Heren 3

The long awaited game had finally arrived. Since both teams are battling for the top position of the table, this match proved to be entertaining. After a lousy start of the first set, the men of Albatros were not able to regain a lead, which led to a score of (20-25) in favour of De Spuyt. Smash verder!