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Heren 4: Best match of the season?

It was “UvO evening” in the Verheijhal, as nearly every field was occupied with a UvO team, some even won the championship and there were happy faces all around. Albatros Heren 4 was also present that evening. The next game on the schedule was against H2 of UvO. Smash verder!

Concentration inevitably was key to victory

Nieuwe manier van uitdekken. 🕺 #albavolley

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With the 3-1 victory from last game under their belt, Heren 4 was feeling really confident and happy. Our next match against the men of US shouldn’t be a problem, or so we thought. Secret weapon Tim had returned from holiday and was eager to play despite his knee injury. Even with Tim back, the team had a smaller roster than usual. On top of the small roster, some players decided to be late and thus the warming up was short, sloppy and divided, and a peculiar start to the set it was… Smash verder!

Video: Heren 4 battles nemesis De Spuyt Heren 3

The long awaited game had finally arrived. Since both teams are battling for the top position of the table, this match proved to be entertaining. After a lousy start of the first set, the men of Albatros were not able to regain a lead, which led to a score of (20-25) in favour of De Spuyt. Smash verder!