For a short while there was a deja-vu of last season . That season didn’t start as planned and the first matches were lost. But last night Heren 1 showed real fighting spirit and went from 2-0 down to a 3-2 win. Cheered on by the many supporters on the stands the new Heren 1 showed that they didn’t give up easily. With Sapi and Joao as reinforcements and several players playing in different positions compared to last year it was truly a new revived Heren 1 we saw at work. Our new opposite Mael had to go to France for work. Andrea and Anderson are still injured. Things can only get better. After a troublesome first set, the team finally got grip on the opponents serve and started serving better and better herself. The third set was close, but the last two sets the team was flying. Sapi had some wonderful blocks, Joao brought loads of energy to the game and the routine of Artem and Marat did the rest. Thanks again to the many supporters who kept the energy in the team alive with their cheers and yells.