Albatros HS 1 played a home game against a team from Haarlem, Spaarnestad HS 7. Number one team against number 8. According to the group statistics this should have been a pretty easy game, it was slightly different.

Set one began with an early four point advantage from the opponents and most of the set we had to catch up, that has put some pressure on our game. We struggled with passing and going through the opponents block, which was much better compared to the previous games we had. Fortunately we stood our ground and after pretty equal 40 points, we managed to take the set 25:23.

Sets two , three and four were visibly different. We played with much more conviction, attacks went neatly through, our strong service forced the opponents to give many free balls which we used without any mercy. With a good pass the setter was able to set fast balls to any player he wanted therefore losing the opponents block. As a tradition we tried to make our setter finish the game by rotating him to outside position and using Stijn as a setter. After four failed attempts of hitting the 3rd meter, Johanes ended the game by tippin the ball into the middle of the field.

In summary it took us a whole first set to recognize what we were dealing with. Afterwards, we managed to play and win smoothly. Thing that none of the opponents haven’t done yet is cheering during the game, it seems like all of them underestimate the power boosting team confidence. Also Maaike promised us a cake if the last set would be won 25:10 (or less), which we unfortunately didn’t accomplish. Better luck next time!

10.11.2021 Albatros HS 1 vs Spaarnestad HS 7
Location: Wethouder Verheijhal , Amsterdam
Result 4:0 (25:23 , 25:19 , 25:17 , 25:18 )

Team: Michał , Marat , Andrei , Stijn , Pedro , Johanes , Aaron, Maaike (coach)