It was “UvO evening” in the Verheijhal, as nearly every field was occupied with a UvO team, some even won the championship and there were happy faces all around. Albatros Heren 4 was also present that evening. The next game on the schedule was against H2 of UvO.

At the beginning of first the set the men of UvO struck hard with a strong attack and good defense. It took Albatros some time to get adjusted, but they managed to get on top. As the match was nearing its end, neither team was willing to back out. With great focus and fighting spirit, H4 dragged in the first point with the set ending in [29-31].

With the first set under our belt, we were more focused than ever. Dropping a point during this match would lose us our point advantage against De Spuyt H3, head of our table, for now. The second set proved to be as tense as the first. The men of Albtros started to lose focus and the UvO attackers were on fire, which didn’t help the situation either. With [17-24] on the scoreboard, the Albatross became nervous. With a good time out and regained focus, the Albatross reclaimed the flow of the set, winning with a score of [25-27].

The last two sets were won with a little less difficulty. Both teams seemed to be a bit tired after the two fury sets, but with a powerful team and fighting spirt, H4 now completed the match with a [4-0] victory. This was the best match they had played all season.